1.    Suggested Books

Books recommended by Past Life Regression Academy for students undergoing training:

Books recommended by Earth Association for Regression Therapy:

Books recommended by Athanasios Komianos, President of Earth Association of Regression Therapists:

Books by Hans Tendam, Founder of Tasso Institute:

Books recommended by Tasso International:

2.    Suggested Articles 

A list of articles recommended by Earth Association of Regression Therapists:

A list of recommended articles provided by the Past Life Regression Academy

A list of articles provided by Nassos Komanios:

3.    Regression Therapy Associations

Earth Association of Regression Therapy (EARTh)
This is an independent association with the objective to create and maintain an international standard in regression therapy and improve and enlarge its professional acceptance. Every summer it offers a series of workshops for ongoing professional development. It aims to advance the field by providing a meeting ground for regression therapists through conferences and meetings.

Spiritual Regression Therapy Association (SRTA)

This is an international association of regression therapists that respect the spiritual nature of their clients. Established by Andy Tomlinson, they are professionally trained by the Past Life Regression Academy to international standards and work to a code of ethics that respects the clients’ welfare.

Society for Medical Advance and Research in Regression Therapy (SMAR-RT)
This international society, formed in April 2013, aims to conduct and coordinate research in regression therapy. It is led by medical doctors who share the vision to bring about the integration of complementary and holistic approaches into conventional Medicine. It is a non-profit organization and hopes to raise awareness of the effectiveness of regression therapy as a healing tool within the medical profession.

Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR)

This association was founded by Dr. Newton Kondaveti and launched in Hyderabad, India, in 2010 with the aim to promote research in regression and reincarnation, and work towards increasing awareness and acceptance of past life therapy among people in India and all over the world. It publishes a newsletter, a magazine, holds annual conventions and conducts certification examinations for professionals practicing past life regression therapy.

Tasso International
Tasso International is a branch of Tasso institute is founded by Hans Tendam with a mission of changing lives worldwide through the provision of training in transpersonal regression therapy.

International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT)
This is an independent examining and certifying board for past life therapists, researchers and training programs. Its mission is to set professional standards for regression therapists and organisations. The website has a list of international accredited past life and regression therapy training organisations.

ACHTEVIP – Asociación Chileana de Terapeutas en Vida Pasada
The Chilean Association of Past Life Therapists was founded in 2013 to promote past life therapy in the country.

4.    Journal Publication 
The International Journal of Regression Therapy is currently the only journal in this knowledge area. Its mission is to further the professional and academic development of regression therapy around the world.

5.    Conference
        An international congress on regression therapy is organized by EARTh Association triennially.
        The 6th World Congress of Regression Therapy, WCRT6 will be held in India in 2017.

6.    Training Programs
        The following site provides information on the training programs and trainers who meet the requirements set by EARTh for              
        professional therapists.