Hypnosis and Brain Activity

Our brain activity is normally classified into four levels by electroencephalogram (EEG) waveforms in terms of cycles per second.

BETA (18-40 cycles/sec) - This is the state when we are awake and experience in normal daytime consciousness. In this state we are at a critical thought level.

ALPHA (8-17 cycles/sec) - With relaxation and meditation we reach the alpha state. This is also the state we lapse into when we awaken in the morning from sleep and at night when we cross over to sleep. It is believed to be associated with imaginative thinking. It corresponds to light and medium levels of hypnosis.

THETA (4-7 cycles/sec) - This corresponds to a day-dreaming state or the early stages of sleep. It is associated with creative and innovative thinking and it corresponds to medium and deep levels of hypnosis.

DELTA (1-3 cycles/sec) - This is the state that corresponds to deep sleep and a dream state. The brain waves are slow and high in amplitude.

For most people hypnosis is in the alpha-theta range. Because of inherent hypersuggestibility in the alpha and theta levels, positive programming during hypnosis is an effective approach to creating changes in one's life.