Clarifying Life Purpose with Past Life Regression

Existence and consciousness are the two basic ingredients in our life and these two basic qualities are interdependent. Our existence provides us with a location in time and space whereas our consciousness makes us aware of our existence. It is the continuation of existence and consciousness that constitutes the fundamental purpose of our life. Everything that we do as an individual is based on our ability to survive, both as a physical human during a lifetime and a spirit throughout etermity. The consciousness of our spirit, at its origin, determines and shape a personal purpose.

However, our misconceptions about our personal purpose and the reality within our personal philosophy can produce self-sabotaging behaviours. Such behaviours can perpetuate one's lifetime or many life times, and by investigating our past lives, we can gain greater clarity about our life purpose. This process can be greatly assisted through hypnotherapy techniques through a past life regression process.

Past life regression is the deliberate use of a variety of methods to retrieve memories of experiences that occurred in other life times. Memories of past lives may reveal why we have a natural talent for certain skills, such as art, music, poetry, sports, etc. Past lives can also explain relationships, hobbies, phobias, habits, etc. When we reconnect with the talents and skills we accrued in former lifetimes, we can bring the same ability, focus and knowledge into our present lives. By doing so, we can generate ideas about new directions in our lives and acquire greater confidence in using our talents. After we experience a number of past lives we often fee more connected to our greater life plan and a stronger connection to our personal values. When we look at our lives from the perspective of the evolution of our human society and history rather than in the context of our personal issues, our individual hardships appear less overwhelming and our struggles acquire greater meaning.

In essence, the pursuit of past life memories comes from the desire to put our character, personality and present-life experiences into context within the full progression of our soul. What is remarkable is the fact that during the process of re-experiencing past life events we often also experience healing and change.